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I'm Evan—a digital designer with an eye for the "big picture" within every experience.


Currently in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I have been accused on many occasions of having a strong customer focus. What that really means, to me, is that I like to help others succeed.

For a long time, that has involved spending my time face–to–face with people in all kinds of retail, sales and customer service roles. Success there is in the ability to discover precise needs, provide relevant information, and help others navigate quirky and unfamiliar systems. Ultimately, the goal is to set others up for long–term, independent success.

More recently, I am interested in stepping behind the curtain, a bit, to help improve the support and systems that empower those all–important front–line tools (and personnel!) to be more engaging and valuable. 

Always curious, I have a love for technology, the social sciences and understanding nuance in counter–intuitive ideas. 

I was drawn to design thinking and UX research because of how it values cooperative diversity, integrity and real customer needs to create new opportunities. 

Reach out through LinkedIn and let's talk!

Note: If you're into personality tests, read this article I wrote on Medium about what I have in common with Johnny–5.