Informally referred to  as "The Beacon" this logo is a round version of the flag I designed as a reminder and motivator for my family.

When my daughter was born, my wife and I included in her name a reference to a ray of light. While facing an uncertain future in a difficult world, we hope that she will have the strength and wisdom needed to find joy and success and help others to do the same. I like that positive imagery.

Family Flag

I have designed a few flags in the past for various light-hearted things and find the limitations to be a fun challenge. While doodling one day with my daughter I drew a ray of light cresting a mountain, a scene I often saw on my morning commute across the Wasatch Front. 

From the sturdy bedrock of these granite mountains the sun rises and breaks the long, cold winter nights bringing warmth and improving vision.

Flag Description

This flag is intended to be much more aspirational than representative. It is a fun medium with a unique ability to unite and motivate*.

Drawing the light as a long  beam reaching up to the sky also provided a reference to a key characteristic of our family—our height.  My wife and I both cleared six feet early in middle school and, although I never surpassed Michael Jordan in stature, it is often a topic of conversation when we meet people.

Other design aspects include colors, aspect ratio, and a decorative border:

Blue – Signifying wisdom (more important than just knowledge)


Green – Dual meaning (aka undecided meaning…) encouraging creativity in problem solving and the value of peacemaking and understanding in relationships.

Aspect Ratio – 16:9 is a common ratio by many modern high definition screens and used here to identify the ever-presence of technology and an increasingly digital world. (It also works nice when applied as wallpaper for computer and phone screens…) 

Gilded Edges – This is an optional flourish surrounding all the other design features and references faith and religion as providing critical context to life.

*For some entertaining insight on the value of flags, watch Roman Mars on the  TED stage.